1973: The year “Deltas di Sinigaglia & Viazzo Snc” was established and started manufacturing and selling its diamond disks and blades in Italy.


Year that the company was transformed from "Deltas di Sinigaglia & Viazzo Snc” to “Dellas SpA".


Isidoro Ferrari appointed Chairman, a role he would continue to hold until 2012.


Establishment of the Spanish branch “DELLAS SPAGNA SI” to serve the fast growing Spanish market.


Establishment of the Ethiopian branch “DELLAS SPA ETHIOPIAN BRANCH”, to serve all the sub-Saharan Africa market.


Daniele Ferrari, son of Isidoro, appointed CEO.
Establishment of the Turkey branch "DELLAS ISTANBUL MAKINA SANAYI VE TICARET AS".
Establishment of the Chinese branch "DELLAS DIAMOND TOOLS SUZHOU CO. LTD".


Grand opening of Sassuolo (Italy) and Onda (Spain) Ceramic Store.


Merger through acquisition of Peak International Spa

Dellas is present, with its products, in all the main stone quarrying markets. China, India, Turkey, Brazil, Iran and Italy account for 70% of total quarrying. In all these markets Dellas, through a direct presence or through its own dealers, ensures immediate and prompt assistance.
In recent years our company has successfully entered the diamond tools market for cutting and processing ceramic.

Materials research and analysis centre
Research & Development

Cutting and processing all the stone in the world. As well as building materials and ceramics. This is the guarantee that Dellas can give its customers. In order to be achieve this objective, the company has set up a materials research and analysis center at its headquarters. It is the high-tech heart of the company. Research, an area in which the company continually invests part of its profits, has always been considered a fundamental part of the production cycle, necessary for maintaining competitiveness on the global market: As well as samples of the most common and widely used stones, the Dellas laboratory also contains thousands of samples of marble, granite and engineering stone from all over the world.

Each element is carefully preserved and catalogued by type and place of origin. It is a unique database on the morphological characteristics of the material and is essential for developing blades, discs and tools capable of operating with maximum efficiency and precision.
Dellas can thus offer its international customers a personalized, tailored service for all samples of stone.
This organization allows customer requirements to be managed in real time. The efficiency of the tools supplied, in fact, is considered essential for guaranteeing operators in the sector increasingly rapid, safe, silent, precise and cost-effective cutting. Thanks to this research, Dellas can drastically reduce cutting and processing times.

The Quality System of Dellas S.p.A.

The Quality System of Dellas S.p.A., based on the control of all company processes, was certified for the first time and considered in conformity with regulation UNI EN ISO 9002:1994 in 1997, by ICIM (Istituto di Certificazione Industriale per la Meccanica - Institute of Industrial Certification for Mechanics) under certificate number 0736 of 18/07/1997. Over the years, our Quality System has always been found to be in conformity with the updated regulations. It is currently in conformity with regulation ISO 9001:2015, as can be seen in our certificates.

  • Rating di legalità
    L'Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato ha deliberato, in data 17/05/2017, di rinnovare alla Società DELLAS S.p.A. il Rating di Legalità già attribuito in data 10/03/2015, incrementando il punteggio, da “2 STELLE +” a “2 STELLE ++”. La Società è stata inserita nell’elenco delle imprese con Rating di Legalità, ai sensi dell’Art. 8 del Regolamento.
  • Carta dei Valori
    Dellas si impegna a diffondere i principi della Carta dei Valori e dei Comportamenti al suo interno, tra i propri dipendenti e collaboratori commerciali, che a vario titolo apportano la loro professionalità a vantaggio dell’azienda.