The company "Deltas di Sinigaglia & Viazzo Snc" was founded in Desenzano del Garda, in the province of Brescia. The core business is clear and already mature since its foundation. The company, in fact, immediately began producing and marketing high-quality diamond tools for marble and granite processing. The iconic product of these years is the diamond blade, followed by the frame and single-blade blade that entered the catalog as early as the following year.


The company changes its name to Dellas Spa. The company bases its business model on a strong research and development department and, with its surrounding partners, creates "the extended laboratory" of its tools. In this way, it dialogues with stone craftsmen on an ongoing basis and matures experience right in its target territory.


Thanks to the intuition of the Sole Administrator, Isidoro Ferrari, the business is transferred to Lugo, a hamlet in the municipality of Grezzana in the province of Verona, in the heart of one of the world's best-known marble districts. And it is thanks to this strategic location that Dellas Spa becomes a reliable ally for industries in the sector entering international markets.


In response to growing market demand, and aware of the recognition gained by the industry, the product catalog is enriched with diamond tools for polishing and calibrating. Every year since then, new lines for specific machines are presented, with the aim of helping entrepreneurs obtain an increasingly high-performance finished product, suitable for the emerging needs of the furniture sector and those involved in interior design.


Began the study, research and production of all tools intended for cnc machines for processing the various materials available on the market.


Thanks to highly specialized personnel and a good internal organization, the company remains dynamic and streamlined over time, until it also establishes itself internationally. Thus the Spanish subsidiary "Dellas Spain sl" is born, to serve the fast-growing Hispanic market.


Listening to those in the industry, focusing on the future and intuition in understanding new trends lead the company toward real innovation in material cutting products. The diamond wire is born, which optimizes the production process, both in terms of cost and performance.


After the crisis of 2008, it was necessary to renew, differentiate and customize the offer. Thus began, in these years, the entry of Dellas alongside ceramic industries. After studies, research and the modernization of production departments, the production of grinding wheels for ceramic tile processing begins.


With a view to remain alongside industry players, it also opens an Ethiopian branch "Dellas Spa Ethiopian Branch," to serve the entire sub-Saharan African market.


Daniele Ferrari, son of Isidoro Ferrari, takes over as CEO of the company. Turkish branch "Dellas Instabul Makina Sanayi ve Ticaret As" and Chinese branch "Dellas Diamond Tools Suzhou Co ltd" are established in the same year.


Thanks to the know-how gained from the partnership with Peak International Spa, a Vicenza-based company that develops and markets items specifically for the ceramic world, eco-friendly grinding wheels are developed that anticipate an emerging need. In the same year, two Ceramic Stores are inaugurated, one in Sassuolo (Italy) and one in Onda (Spain), in response to a rapidly expanding ceramic market that requires a more widespread and continuous presence in the territory.


A merger takes place to incorporate Peak International Spa, a famous brand in the ceramics industry, which sees Dellas Spa take another step forward, both qualitatively and commercially. In addition, the company obtains a patent for its innovative 3DIM technology, which enables the creation of 3D diamond segments, optimizing the cutting performance of natural stone.


With a view to technological transformation and in view of the sudden changes in the market, the company invests in new machinery and automated production processes to guarantee the group's customers, high-quality, high-performance products.


It inserts a vertical warehouse that enables it to speed up many functions, optimizing costs, delivery times and the work of employees. It is an essential strategic choice to face a future that is increasingly dynamic, flexible and with very specific demand.
It also expands the warehouse in Sassuolo of diamond tools for ceramics, with the goal of continuing to ensure timely deliveries, prompt responses, an identity that conforms to the the parent company, as well as to further expand the catalog with new products.

Dellas is present, with its products, in all the main stone quarrying markets. China, India, Turkey, Brazil, Iran and Italy account for 70% of total quarrying. In all these markets Dellas, through a direct presence or through its own dealers, ensures immediate and prompt assistance.
In recent years our company has successfully entered the diamond tools market for cutting and processing ceramic.

Materials research and analysis centre

Cutting and processing all the stone in the world. As well as building materials and ceramics. This is the guarantee that Dellas can give its customers. In order to be achieve this objective, the company has set up a materials research and analysis center at its headquarters. It is the high-tech heart of the company. Research, an area in which the company continually invests part of its profits, has always been considered a fundamental part of the production cycle, necessary for maintaining competitiveness on the global market: As well as samples of the most common and widely used stones, the Dellas laboratory also contains thousands of samples of marble, granite and engineering stone from all over the world.

Each element is carefully preserved and catalogued by type and place of origin. It is a unique database on the morphological characteristics of the material and is essential for developing blades, discs and tools capable of operating with maximum efficiency and precision.
Dellas can thus offer its international customers a personalized, tailored service for all samples of stone.
This organization allows customer requirements to be managed in real time. The efficiency of the tools supplied, in fact, is considered essential for guaranteeing operators in the sector increasingly rapid, safe, silent, precise and cost-effective cutting. Thanks to this research, Dellas can drastically reduce cutting and processing times.

The Quality System of Dellas S.p.A.
  • The Quality System of Dellas S.p.A.
    The Quality System of Dellas S.p.A., based on the control of all company processes, was certified for the first time and considered in conformity with regulation UNI EN ISO 9002:1994 in 1997, by ICIM (Istituto di Certificazione Industriale per la Meccanica - Institute of Industrial Certification for Mechanics) under certificate number 0736 of 18/07/1997. Over the years, our Quality System has always been found to be in conformity with the updated regulations. It is currently in conformity with regulation ISO 9001:2015.
  • Corporate environmental management
    The adoption of the ISO 14001 Standard has been certified to us in 2022. It is a voluntary commitment made to manage the environmental aspect in all its forms in an integrated way. Compliance with standards on sustainable development and balance between the environment, society and the economy is the result of choices, behaviors and business organization that aims to reduce the environmental impact that an industrial company can create; aims to continuously improve performance and meet regulatory obligations; lends to monitoring the life cycle of products, from design to disposal. 
  • Quality and environment policy
    Over the years, the pursuit of continuous product and process improvement has been the lever of the company's success. Development has been through the adoption of quality management principles in addressing customer requirements, external obligations and constraints, and human and technological resource needs.
Ethical Code of Dellas S.p.A.
  • Legality rating
    The Antitrust Authority resolved on 18/04/2024 to renew to our Company DELLAS S.p.A. the Legality Rating already awarded on 17/05/2022, 12/01/2021, 17/05/2017 and 10/03/2015, maintaining the maximum score of "3 STARS". You can find us in the list of companies with Legality Rating, pursuant to Art. 8 of the Regulations.
  • Profit and Legality Award
    Thanks to our AGCM-certified efforts, we received the Legality and Profit Award 2022 as an honest and successful enterprise. We are among the top 100 companies in Italy.
  • Charter of Values
    We are committed to spreading the principles of the Charter of Values and Behaviors, among all relevant stakeholders both within the company and outside, who in various capacities bring their professionalism to our service.