Visit our production departments

  • 7 production departments located on two floors: diamond blade production department, diamond disc production department, diamond tool finishing department, diamond segment production department, ceramic tool production department, resinoid abrasive production department and diamond wire production department.
  • 1 high-tech analysis laboratory.
  • 2 warehouses for raw materials: including a state-of-the-art vertical warehouse to optimize processes, delivery times and maximize staff work.
  • 3 warehouses for finished products.
  • 2 meeting rooms: in which training for staff, meetings with a focus on research and development, and normal administration meetings are held.
  • 8 offices: president and general manager's office, human resources and sales office, administration, finance and control office, customer service office, sales office, logistics office, purchasing office, communication, marketing and IT office.

#wearepeople are us: the human resources that populate this great company. We are a hundred men and women present at headquarters and in branches located abroad.