Polishing and Calibrating Tools

Polishing and Calibrating Tools

Polishing and calibrating tools are used to process and finish the surfaces of natural and engineered stone.
The finishing process is divided into four steps which are performed in the following order:
roughing: eliminates the surface imperfections deriving from the cutting process. Tools used: roughing rollers, roughing plates, fickerts.
calibrating: prepares both the surface and shape of the material, thus respecting the tolerances required by the market. Tools used: finishing rollers, calibrator plates, satellite wheels.
smoothing: eliminates roughing and calibrating marks and prepares the material for subsequent processing, such as polishing, brushing and satinising. Tools used: diamond fickerts, resin fickerts, diamond frankfurts, synthetic frankfurts, resin frankfurts, diamond brushes, steel brushes, carborundum brushes.
polishing: gives the material colour and shine. Tools used: resin fickerts, synthetic frankfurts, resin frankfurts, polishers.

Thanks to its long/standing experience, DELLAS can recommend a specific tool for each type of machine, material and finish.

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