Diamond Blandes

Diamond Blandes

Diamond blades are used to process natural stone and composite materials, apart from granite. In particular, diamond blades are used on gang saws for cutting slabs from blocks; single blades, instead, are mainly used to square blocks and cut thicknesses.

A long-standing product, the diamond blade is the most well-known and appreciated of all DELLAS tools. Thanks to their elevated precision and cutting quality, DELLAS blades can be used without problems on all diamond gang saws for marble. Correct mounting on the gang saw is fundamental for good performance and long blade life. For this purpose, specialized DELLAS technicians help the customers during start-up and processing in order to assure maximum tool efficiency.

The long-standing experience of DELLAS, matured all over the world, has allowed it to produce an extensive range of diamond segments capable of satisfying a wide variety of quality, lifetime and cutting requirements. As well as the variety of sectors, products are available with cores of various sizes and specifications, depending on the type of gang saw and the type of material to cut.

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