15 January 2024 |
Veronesi Protagonisti | Daniele Ferrari

Every year Verona Network Group presents the Veronese protagonists who work to make Verona great. After his nomination in 2022, our CEO Daniele Ferrari is once again one of the representative faces of the 'Enterprise' category this year.

In the interview, there is a brief excursus of the company's milestones; there is a mention of the choices made on the occasion of its 50th anniversary and there are some anticipations regarding the future.

The photos in the article recount two representative moments of the year just ended: the thank-you speech during the event with customers and partners; a handshake during the planting day of 200 plants to create our forest, during which we celebrated together with the employee staff and their families.

Here is a translation of the article.

Having just left behind the great celebration of the company's 50th anniversary, Dellas Spa is ready to look to the future and the next 50 years.
The company, founded in Desenzano del Garda in 1973 and moved to its current headquarters in Lugo di Grezzana in 1982, is one of the world leaders in the production and distribution of diamond tools for working natural stone and ceramics and, over the years, thanks also to the leadership of Managing Director Daniele Ferrari, it has been the protagonist of From America to Europe, from Africa to Asia, passing through Oceania, son numerous international markets in which Dellas is present with its products to respond adequately to customer demands.

"In 2023 we celebrated our 50th anniversary directly at Marmomac, the Verona Marble Fair, together with all our dealers," explains Daniele Ferrari. "It was an evening of art, culture and fun, to thank the employees and customers who came to see us from all over the world".

A success, that of Dellas, dictated by the four guiding principles in which the company has invested since its foundation: its values, starting with respect for ideas, which is the first way to improve processes, products and therefore service quality; people, the true focus of the company's work; the research, which has brought constant growth constant growth over the years; and sustainability, a major theme that also concerns the construction industry.

"Right now we are working on making production processes more efficient in order to achieve higher and higher quality standards. Thanks to the experience gained in more than 50 years of activity, the lean structure and the extensive network developed over years relationships, we are able to solve in a customised manner the needs of both small workshops as well as large production plants," continues Ferrari. "We are investing a lot also in terms of personnel. When I arrive at the company there are one hundred families we employ and there are people who have been with Dellas since before I arrived and this is a challenge that leads me to overcome every day the difficulties that there may be".

“That is why we launched the hashtag #wearepeople, which was not just a label for social media, but the consistent demonstration of a corporate image composed first and foremost of people".

Now there is work to be done on the future, always keeping in mind the motto of the former president and CEO of Dellas, as well as Daniele's father, Isidoro Ferrari: "Unity is strength". A formula that rings ever louder and truer, especially on the occasion of a special birthday like the one just celebrated, which marks an important milestone and the victory of a bet made 50 years ago: "We are working on our future, always remembering our origins and traditions," concluded Ferrari, "shared with the people who are working on it and who have been part of it".

On the occasion of Della Spa's 50th anniversary, the company decided to carry on the promise made to the environment by adopting concrete behaviour and actions for the future. This is why it was decided to start an active collaboration with the environment. Before the summer, Dellas Spa planted in Verona, involving the company staff, 200 Paulownia plants, a plant species that will absorb 20 tonnes of C02 in 10 years. The "forest" of Dellas Spa will also contribute to the preservation of biodiversity, as an organic cultivation is practised that respects the soil. And with a view to a circular economy, the wood that is produced will be used in various industrial and craft uses.