18 May 2023 |
Let us create a forest of the future, together.

Respecting our traditions and our identity, we carry on the promise we have made to the environment by adopting concrete behaviour and actions for the future. In 2022, we obtained the 14001 environmental certification and, together with the Legality & Profit award, it is proof that we want to work together today to build a more sustainable future.

In 1973, the company's founders made a commitment to create value in the short, medium and long term by paying special attention to natural capital, which is made up of environmental processes and resources. Therefore, on the occasion of this special birthday, we have decided to initiate an active and participative collaboration with the environment around us; we have decided to cooperate in harmony with nature for the improvement of the health of our planet.

What we will do concretely
Before the summer, we will plant the seeds for a more sustainable future. We will plant 200 Paulownia plants in Verona, a stone's throw from the city centre, a plant species with extraordinary qualities, which will support effective compensation in the local area. In cooperation with treebu - a Verona-based benefit society - we will create a green lung, a real forest of the future. In this way we will concretely contribute to:
  • Improve air quality: in fact Paulownia has the highest CO2 absorption rate, up to 10 times more than other species.
  • Improve the health of soils, crops and landscape: thanks to the reclamation and recovery of land that would otherwise remain uncultivated and poorly cared for.
  • Produce valuable wood: suitable for various industrial and craft uses, thus supporting a circular economy and the development of sustainable materials and processes.
  • Working with bees and biodiversity: since Paulownia is a melliferous plant, i.e. bees love to visit the lilac flower that grows on its branches and among its leaves.
We achieve all this without the use of phytosanitary treatments, because Paulownia has unique natural characteristics: it has excellent resistance to pests and adverse climates, it has an ultra-fast growth, up to 15 metres in 6 years, and it is a phoenix tree, i.e. it regenerates from the cut trunk.

How we evaluate our actions
The particularity of this initiative is that we can visit, both online and live, the site where our plants are located, and thus verify in a transparent and concrete way the result of our actions and choices made.
  • We are organising an event to make our mark in a participatory and collective way. We will go to the field dedicated to us, and together with the employees and their families we will plant our forest.
  • Everyone can stay up-to-date on the progress and development of the forest. We will have a dashboard on which every preparatory phase and the growth of each individual plant will be tracked.
  • We will have the opportunity to visit our forest and have a multi-sensory experience in nature, surrounded by trees, flowers and the natural habitat that will be created around this green lung.
  • The initiative is, moreover, verified by internationally accredited third-party bodies that guarantee scientific rigour and certainty of effective CO2 offsetting.
The affirmation of Daniele Ferrari, the company's president, "We work on our future while always remembering our origins and traditions", we believe is once again the central phrase that guides every action and choice made by the company.

Visit our forest.
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