Interno del magazzino di Sassuolo Dellas
22 November 2022 |
Dellas spa in Sassuolo expands warehouse of fickerts and grinding wheels for ceramics

Since 2015, we have been present in the area with a warehouse intended to quickly and efficiently supply Italy's most important ceramic district. Located at 11 Giancarlo Siani Street, the new warehouse is geared toward customer management and delivery optimization. It consists of an office for administrative management and a very large part for storage of all products for sale.

Mauro Benassi, manager of the facility (right in photo), is always present and maintains relations between the customer and the parent company. He has long experience as a fitter of industrial machines for ceramics: therefore, he recognizes the needs of the industry on the fly. In addition, the skills he has developed over the years enable him to handle emergencies in a timely manner.

Stefano Manfredotti (left in photo) comes from a family of ceramists. He has a highly developed technical background, despite his young age. He is particularly familiar with the machinery that processes ceramics, since, before coming to Dellas, he worked in the supply chain as an assembler and installation technician. He is a young man with proven technical skills, he pays attention to all the tests and research on new products: that is why he manages to be responsive with optimal solutions to customer demands.

This expansion shows that our goal is to continue to grow, both in terms of customer base and order volume. At the same time, we are consolidating our commitment and confirming our willingness to remain in listening to the needs of entrepreneurs, to give concrete answers and immediately report the needs of the industry directly to the production offices and the research and development laboratory. The decision to have all production in Verona has allowed us to implement automatic and innovative systems in the plant to meet the challenges of the future with confidence, and to ensure constant and continuous supplies of articles that conform to quality characteristics to the customer.

In the Verona plant, in fact, we perform laboratory tests for the creation of new products, the design and study of increasingly high-performance solutions, and, of course, the production of all lines of diamond tools for ceramic tile processing. 

Our product portfolio consists of squaring wheels, polishing and honing tools, cutting discs with thicknesses up to 1.2 mm, and wheels for profiling, honing and chamfering, intended to fulfill all the needs of the furniture industry, architecture and tile designers.

The goal, of course, is to continue to ensure on-time deliveries, prompt responses, a parent-compliant identity, as well as to expand the catalog even further with new products.

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