21 October 2022 |
Dellas spa receives Marmomac's The new Best Communicator Award 2022

The direction taken by the jury was guided by a phrase by Leon Battista Alberti: "yes with the mind, and with the soul divide." This was stated by architect Chinellato Aurelio, president of the jury, during the award ceremony, who reminded us when it is important to design to excite. In fact, he added, "in a few days, an exhibit must capture the attention of the public, it must strike for its functionality, but at the same time it must also strike the soul." 
The elements that allowed us to win the award were:
  • Presence of the technological component, since thanks to digitization, seen as an extension of the physical space, the booth can overlook infinite worlds.
  • Presence of the emotional component, since leaving a trace in people's souls makes the message communicated take infinite paths.
  • Presence of the concept of sustainability, since this is the goal that stand systems must pursue in the future in order to avoid waste.
Concept of our booth: Only the best for the Nature

We organized the exhibition space to bring to life emotions related to personal sensitivity in keeping environmentally friendly behaviors. In fact, the visitor became the protagonist of the animation of the 4 elements of nature: earth, fire, water and air. It is these elements that connect the human microcosm and the natural macrocosm, and on their balance depends the life of the human species and the survival of the planet. 
Following a guided path, the visitor reached a large mirror-covered portal in which was this message: The best of You. 
Each individual is responsible for his or her actions in the place where he or she is; each person represents the fifth element of nature, and on his or her behaviors depends the preservation of the natural heritage.

The new best Communicator Award 2022: Concept category

The Concept category evaluated the original and unusual presentation of the product, "the architecture of the display" that is, all the features of the layout that, combined together, conveyed a clear message of the company's storytelling. And it is precisely the storytelling of the values that guide us in our corporate choices that was the focus on which we focused to talk about our products: we told about our commitment undertaken from the environmental point of view, as it will guide the road we will travel together in the future.

The year 2022 was an important year for our company, as we achieved:
  • UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 certification, which attests to our voluntary pact with nature and our environment. We have been on an integrated path for environmental management for several years, and in June 2022 we were recognized.
  • The Legality & Profit Award that places us among the top 100 Italian companies that stand out for the integrated responsibility between economic soundness, correctness of behavior and observation of the rules.
With the booth in Marmomac, we guided visitors on an exhibition tour to discover our working method. But at the same time we asked those who entered into relationship with us to question their own behavior, leaving on an interactive totem the emotions they experienced.