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30 May 2022 |
Modeling new prototypes intended for ceramic surface finishing

The perfect tool for lapping machining exists and we can create it, now!
We listen to your needs, apply 3D printing to the modeling of your new prototype, and perfect it down to the smallest detail before sending it to production.

The benefits of 3D printing applied to our industry.

  • It allows us to customize entire product lines based on specific directions provided by the customer, before running production in large quantities.
  • We can produce any form of full-field or ridge fickert intended for innovative surface finishing, in the form of a manageable and tangible prototype.
  • We record a considerable reduction in the costs associated with testing and trials before machine start-up, as the iterative process of refining a 3D model is very rapid.
With this technology, we are able to guarantee the ceramic industry supply chain a higher quality for tile surface treatment and a high speed of response.

We owe the achievement of this goal to 3 factors:
  • Enduring partnerships with suppliers who are also consultants and lead us toward a technological future driven by human ingenuity.
  • A forward-looking research and development department that remains constantly listening to market trends, the creativity of interior and product designers, and internal sales and customer service departments.
  • A proactive, visionary corporate attitude that collaborates in building a new time, a world in constant mutation.
Alongside this innovative technology, we have added new robotic equipment in the plant for the production and gluing of fickerts, which, interfacing with 3D printing modeling, allows for greater production capacity and a high quality standard. Therefore, we are able to give timely, safe and concrete answers to new market needs.

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