08 March 2022 |
We will be present at the main international fairs on marble and ceramics.

The calendar of trade fair appointments for this year is soon approved. From spring onwards we will be back on the road and meeting in person.
Sign up for these appointments:
  • Marble Izmir Fair – Izmir | 30 March – 2 April
  • Coverings - Las Vegas | 5 - 8 April
  • Cevisama - Valencia | 13 - 17 June
  • Stone+tec - Nuremberg | 22 - 25 June
  • Tecna - Rimini | 27 - 30 September
  • Marble+Mac – Verona | 27 - 30 September
At the moment, the confirmed events, and for which we are preparing, are 6. In every occasion we will give the best of us, we will be present with the enthusiasm and passion that sets us apart because the aspect that we missed the most in these 2 years is the relational one. 

Visit us!

After two years of working remotely, we'll be back to collaborate stronger than ever.
Needs and priorities have changed both individually and collectively. Today, we feel even more invested in helping you achieve your business goals and add value, as we are all aware that costs continue to rise and environmental, economic and political contexts are constantly changing. For this reason, our desire is to optimize the consultancy: we will guide you in your choices, in understanding your real needs and in finding the best solution starting from the available resources.

We will illustrate you the news of the stone and ceramic sector in a focused way.
We have carefully chosen where to be present and with which proposals. The objective is to achieve high levels of consistency and concreteness, because time is precious for everyone.
At Marble Izmir Fair, Coverings, Stone+Tec and Marmo+Mac we will have the opportunity to talk and deepen the needs of the stone industry.
At Cevisama and Tecna we will be more focused on the ceramics division. 

The sooner we start facing the challenges of the future together, the sooner we will have a competitive advantage.
Let's talk about it, let's compare notes, come and tell us what your new needs are. Our production departments, from research and development to supply chain departments, will know how to find the most suitable and ideal solution to meet and solve your needs. Challenges have never frightened us; on the contrary, they have spurred us to find innovative and cutting-edge solutions in order to land in the future and approach new generations with the right energy and dynamism.

If you are organizing your own exhibition calendar and would like to visit us, contact us, we will be happy to arrange an exclusive appointment to talk about opportunities and the future.