13 January 2022 |
Time of recovery for the natural stone sector

2021 has been a year of great recovery for the natural stone sector: after the crisis of 2008 and a constant market restriction over the years, the sector has managed to renew itself and push towards an upturn. Results obtained thanks to the creation of a niche market, concentrating production efforts in the realization of increasingly specific projects with a higher final target.
This is confirmed by Daniele Ferrari, since 2012 Managing Director of Dellas spa, a leading company in the international market for the production and marketing of diamond tools for marble and granite processing, based in Lugo di Valpantena. "Even though the volume of extractions has decreased over the years - explains Ferrari - the average price is increasing, and the processes are becoming more and more renowned. Natural stone is by now the jewel in the building sector: many companies, in recent years, have renewed their machineries, focusing on machines that allow them to carry out more specific projects, so that marble can be used not only for classic flooring or kitchen countertops but also for building furnishings".
Dellas spa, driven by this innovation, now has the goal of developing new products that can facilitate the end customer. "Already a few years ago we acquired the patent for DIM technology, which allows us to create tools with special shapes that therefore allow more complex processing, with greater efficiency and lower energy consumption. Our future investments and growth objectives will go in this direction." 
A recovery in the sector that brings Dellas' year to a positive close, despite the difficulties linked to the health emergency. "In this last period - tells Ferrari - we have found ourselves facing new complexities, such as the increase in the cost of raw materials or the difficulty in finding some, especially steel and metal powders. Fortunately, the long-term contracts we have in place have allowed us to easily overcome these problems".
The fibrillation for the recovery of the sector bodes well for 2022: alongside the sector also the governmental world with funds and incentives. "We are seeing the effects of the recovery mainly in Europe and neighbouring countries - comments Ferrari - but the part of Latin America is still missing, as well as Asia and the Arab world. When these countries too will start to recover, it will be a further driving force for the whole supply chain, since they are mostly supplied by European customers. Also, not to be underestimated is the impetus given to the sector by government incentives in support of restructuring, which are keeping up at an excellent pace".
If, on the one hand, the world of stone-like materials has made considerable technological progress, on the other, natural stone remains an appreciated and unrivalled material: authenticity, a thousand-year history and aesthetic particularity are the characteristics of a product that is increasingly becoming a true furnishing object.