22 July 2021 |
New collaboration in Russia with Alexander Bazyaev owner and founder of Ceramic Solutions

“I love chess because nothing is left to chance” this is Alexander’s motto in the game as in everyday life. Dynamic person, calculator, very attentive to details, he immediately attracted the attention of Dellas group in search of a figure dedicated to the East European markets.

Dellas already strongly present in Russia from about ten years, as a supplier of diamond tools for companies in the ceramic sector, also thanks to the constant work of the leaving agent whom we wish to thank for her commitment, wishing her a prosperous future and the realization of her projects.

Our goal is to consolidate our presence in Russia.

Dellas therefore responds to the positive trend of the Russian market with a new young, dynamic and increasingly qualified team. In fact, Igor Sidorov also enters alongside Alexander as a specialized technician.

What will change for all of our Russian clients?

With this collaboration, strongly desired by the Dellas commercial management, we want to shorten the distance between Made in Italy and our Russian partners.

It will in fact be possible to purchase our products directly from Ceramic Solutions warehouse in Moscow.
The customer will be accompanied on his production path thanks to more frequent technical-commercial visits by our new team.
Not just Russia, but a widespread presence in neighboring states

Alexander, together with his team, will respond to the needs of the market as an agent in the following countries:

  • Belarus;
  • Ukraine;
  • Kazakhstan;
  • Uzbekistan;
  • Azerbaijan;
  • Armenia;
  • Lithuania;
  • Latvia,
  • Estonia.
Our business philosophy is based on a constant relationship with collaborators and customers through which we can find high-quality and cutting-edge solutions.

The market is increasingly demanding and looking for novelty and high performance, which is why this new collaboration looks to the future that we will build together.

Good Luck Alexander.