27 July 2020 |

Currently, with the traditional gangsaw cutting method, very thin slabs of marble can be obtained, with very limited “waste”. However, from the viewpoint of constantly improving its product range, the Lugo di Grezzana (Verona) company – founded more than forty years ago by Isidoro Ferrari – sought to further increase performance in marble slab cutting, designing a smaller-diameter wire for multi-wire cutters and optimizing the shape of the beads thanks to patented 3DIM technology. The purpose of this is to further enhance the already excellent performance that this type of work currently achieves without having a big impact on costs. With this new generation 3DIM technology, in fact, Dellas gives companies that process stone materials a fundamental new tool to cut blocks of marble at a speed that can reach up to four times that of the traditional gangsaw, keeping the amount of waste unvaried and making production processes more efficient. In addition, the use of 3DIM technology will reduce to a minimum the risk of “cracking” the stone: thanks to this technology, materials that are particularly formless or fragile – which today are usually discarded or prepared for cutting with costly resin-coating treatments – can be worked with standard production processes, thereby optimizing available resources.

The process that led to defining this new generation 3DIM, a technology that is a Dellas brand exclusive, was lengthy and laborious but made it possible to offer a universal product able to meet every type of requirement. And in fact, the greatest strength of the company now run by Daniele Ferrari, has always been its ability to customize production, which is never standardized but tailored case by case to individual customers’ needs to offer a service that always aims at the finest outcome. Since the start of the company its research and development center has always been in the vanguard for its constant search for innovative technological systems, efficacious and able to meet all the stone sector’s needs. The company periodically provides proposals and updates making it possible to upgrade complex work on marble and granite and get closer and closer to the intrinsic concept of “perfection” in stone cutting, and not only that.

Dellas is offering an essential tool revolution, which in the last analysis will regard all aspects of production and will be sure to please whoever wishes to combine quality and speed in a single machine.