05 December 2018 |
Innovation and skill, always a winning combination: Dellas incorporates Peak

Peak, which was created just four years ago, has in a short time been able to climb the world production tables for production of diamond tools for use in the ceramics industry, and has managed to bring together passion, technology, know-how and skilled Italian craftsmanship in its work. These are characteristics that have also always been present at Dellas, which has grown exponentially since its foundation – thanks to the significant impulse provided by Isidoro Ferrari (president from 1984 to 2012) – becoming a true point of reference for the stone sector.
So, it seems more than natural for the two to bring together their respective knowledge and capabilities. “With this operation we want to give a sign of something fresh to the market and at the same time we are also comple- ting our own transformation,” commented Daniele Ferrari, CEO and President of Dellas. “Having started out as a family company, we have now become to all intents and purposes a managerial firm. And thanks to the arrival of very skilled managers from Peak, we will be able to improve and further diversify our products. Along with this we have made new investments to fit out our headquarters in Lugo di Grezzana with innovative machinery that is needed to handle working with ceramics, and to be increasingly competitive”.
Indeed the project will mean that over the coming months production of tools for working ceramics will be brou- ght back to Italy, in an operation that we could call “reverse delocalisation”: Dellas had set up its own facility with local staff in Suzhou, in the Shanghai area in China, which was led by the Operations Manager GianGaetano Dal Santo, who is now returning to Italy to handle the integration stage. “He is an excellent colleague, and will be of vital assistance to us”, said the new General Manager of DELLAS, Emanuel Moretto. “We are very happy: we have created a formidable combination of skill and dynamism. The idea behind this merger is fully optimising the production and sales aspects, and pushing as much as possible on distribution. We already felt ourselves to be amongst the world leaders, but from now we can aim directly for the top spot”.

Peak was already present with its products in Italy, Spain, Turkey, Russia, South-East Asia and the USA. Those are markets that from now on will be more intensely penetrated, but at the same time the area of deployment will also be extended to the rest of the world. Luca Masiero, new Sales&Marketing Director at Dellas, explained: “We can now take advantage of the skills that were developed at Dellas over the years. This is a company that has fully shown that it is capable of renewing itself over time, with technology and know-how that is always cut- ting edge. And thanks to our Research and Development Analysis Centre, we will be able to constantly improve our products, to provide the best possible results in every situation”.

“The DELLAS/PEAK merger is based on a solid 2019-2021 Business Plan, that has been shared with the main financial stakeholders”, commented Marco Pasquotti, CFO at DELLAS. “A structured planning process provides credibility and long-term sustainability to the plan’s strategies. Also, the evolution of corporate reporting that we have carried out over the past few years, with the implementation of integrated reporting, means that we can achieve the goals of informational transparency and protection from strategic risks”.